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Customer reviews

I can’t believe until now that it happened to me, I have always been a meek person. My elder brother decided to go to this trip and took me with him.

I have always wanted to try rope-jumping, but I couldn’t overcome my fear. My friends have already jumped and told me it is something unforgettable.

If you can’t live without adrenaline and sense of danger, if you want to prove to the world that you are the most adroit and courageous, our extreme entertainment is created especially for you.

Parachute jumping and rafting are the childish activities in comparison to the activities we offer you!

Ropejumping is jumping from a height on an alpine rope. People all over the world experience the feeling of a free fall by jumping from rocks and bridges, roofs of buildings and building cranes.
Endurance races
Have you ever had an experience when the life of the crew depends only on your ability to drive a car? The specially prepared cars ZAZ, AZLK, UAZ or VAZ will give you a chance to show all your skills!
Broadside firing
An entertainment for a real man is a competition on accuracy and adroitness in using military weapon at the military firing range. You can choose the firing distance – from 25 to 500 meters and the gun – modern, historical or special one.