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Urban exploration is a type of activity that involves examination of abandoned industrial facilities, secret objects and prohibited zones. It involves a lot of adrenalin and romance of real adventures for a real city dweller. By joining us you can get to explore the secrets of underground infrastructure of civil defense, rise over the night Moscow and come down to the dungeons. Facilities as such can be found in most of large megalopolises. However, Moscow with its nearly 900 years of history possesses a unique mysterious atmosphere and special character. There are abandoned factories and industrial buildings, urban slum areas, deserted and undeveloped hospitals, secret objects of the Second World and Cold Wars which are hidden behind the facades of new houses, fresh paint, would-be glamour and gloss. Such things are not mentioned in guide-books not discussed in TV shows. You wouldn’t ask a passerby about them or get to know such information from the city map. But we are ready to uncover all the secrets and show you the real city in its true shapes.

Customer reviews

I can’t believe until now that it happened to me, I have always been a meek person. My elder brother decided to go to this trip and took me with him.

I have always wanted to try rope-jumping, but I couldn’t overcome my fear. My friends have already jumped and told me it is something unforgettable.

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Our objects

The caves Silikati (Devyatovskaya stone quarry)
The construction of the Hovrinskaya hospital was started in 1981. It should have been built on the place of an old cemetery. Sick people from the whole Soviet Union could have been treated in this hospital - according to the plans of the government it should have accommodated 1300 patients. However, in 1985 the construction was stopped for unknown reasons.
An abandoned chemical plant
The territory of the chemical plant in the depopulated town Roshal has more than 20 buildings. The oldest buildings were constructed in 1920. However there are modern buildings too. The total area of the plant is 15 square meters or 450 hectares. This plant was finally closed in 1999.
Solyanka is a network of subterranean passages built by merchants several centuries ago. Earlier real squatters were living here but there was a fire in the underground that's why people who were living there were evicted, and the entrance to the subterranean city was welded.

Extreme entertainment

An entertainment for a real man is a competition on accuracy and adroitness in using military weapon at the military firing range.
Have you ever had an experience when the life of the crew depends only on your ability to drive a car?
Ropejumping is jumping from a height on an alpine rope. People all over the world experience the feeling of a free fall by jumping from rocks and bridges, roofs of buildings and building cranes.